Oyster recipes

Oysters in ten simple ways - recipes

Oysters can be eaten in many ways. They can be eaten baked, in soup, fried or in one of the other ways that various oyster books recommend. There are many recipes with oysters.

The problem with many of the recipes that are recommended, however, is that they often first and foremost look great on pictures. But they are cumbersome to make and sometimes the oysters end up being just a nuance of taste in a dish that basically consists of something else. Therefore, the delicious oyster dishes rarely turn into anything unless you make a stay at a restaurant that specializes in just that kind of recipes.

The ten ways to eat oysters recommended here are all based on simple recipes. And the raw oyster is the starting point. It is the accessories and the toppings that vary. It makes it possible to serve oysters in different ways and with different flavor nuances while the oysters are at the center.