Oysters natural 6x2

Oyster Natural 6x2

Visit an oyster bar or a fishmonger with a varied selection of oysters. Order 12 oysters, but not 12 oysters of the same type or brand.

By contrast, buy six different kinds of oysters. Two of each kind. So you have six different types of oysters. Then eat them in pairs by type and brand.

The first oyster in each pair is eaten pure natural. The second oyster is eaten with the accessory you usually prefer, for example, lemon or vinaigrette.

When you eat the first oyster, you taste through. Notice the taste of salt, metal, sweetness and acidity.

You get to feel the oyster and the 'merrior' of the oyster, and you get a sense of what flow, salt and minerals in the water mean for the taste of the oyster. The second oyster you just enjoy with the accessory you like best.

No bread is eaten. Focus should be on the oysters.