Oysters with Shallot Mignonette


Oysters with mignonette/Vinaigrette eaten in Bruxelles at L'Huitriere

Oysters with Shallot Mignonette (Vinaigrette)

Chop a Shallot in small, fine cubes. Red onions are also suitable. Pour the Mignonette in a small bowl. If necessary, use a good balsamic Mignonette. That gives a little sweetness. Or use a more classic red wine Mignonette.

The shallots / red onions are stirred in the vinaigrette and left for half an hour. Add a bot of pepper. Then open six oysters. Carefully loosen the oyster from the shell. The oyster is eaten with a small spoonful of Mignonette vinaigrette and shallots on top.

Supplement with a little lemon. If necessary, serve on a platter with crushed ice.

Eat it with bread.